Recovery Resort of the Palm Beaches is a Florida-licensed facility providing a comprehensive program of substance abuse treatment. We provide individualized treatment plans prepared to each patients' unique set of needs, in a therapeutic, discreet home setting.

We offer a traditional twelve-step program as well as alternative treatments, such as Mindfulness and Smart Recovery. Recovery Resort is sensitive to the special needs and importance of couples and family members in need of treatment together. We happily accommodate these special circumstances and welcome the chance to be part of healing entire families. Recovery Resort provides programs tailored to the needs of first responders and military personnel and the unique challenges and treatments necessary to assist these patients in their journey to

Recovery Resort employs a legal liaison with over twenty years' experience working with attorneys, court systems and probation officers, in numerous states to alleviate the stress of those legal issues that often plague persons afflicted with the disease of

We are a small program with a maximum of 15 patients which enables us to provide truly individualized treatment and continuity of care throughout our patients stay with us. All therapy is provided by professionals with years of experience in the field of addiction. All housing is in a discreet, two-acre, luxury home setting with a variety of amenities including on-site pool and on-site gym areas.

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